Especially in Asian countries which is being remarkably evolved in this rapidly changing global economy, in addition to the preceding China and South Korea, the growing countries which have enormous potentiality work force such as Vietnam, India, and Indonesia are emerging as leaders of a new industrial production and growing as a huge consumer market, it is very dependable that Japanese companies in various fields play active parts with excellent technology and proprietary know-how.
Naturally in such a process of economic development, energy resources such as coal, oil, natural gas and shale gas might be used in large quantities and “Dangerous Place where an explosive atmosphere is generated” will increase rapidly. In other words, it means that “explosion-protection” area where is affected to us must be spread more and more, and the importance of explosion-protection might be increasing.
In recent years, consistency between International standard (IEC) and the domestic standard how to test “explosion proof”, has been planning, and renewed correspondence might be required. We are, while introducing actively funds to such support, and continue to respond to every customer’s request with pride as a specialist of explosion-protection.

President Koichi Hirano

Corporate Philosophy

To the every alive on this planet, nothing is equal but time. How to use this limited time is free for each. However, no one can know the time when it is over. Everything is experience and no wasted of time, but to act with the consciousness leads to tomorrow.

Our company will develop products which conform to international standards, consider the worker’s safety first, pursue more compact and less expensive products, and we will continue to contribute to society.

Corporata Data

Company name SAFTEC Co.,Ltd
Established & Registered May 27, 1996
Start of business October 01, 1998 (accounting in June)
Head office 6-1-7, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyo 181-0013
Sales department 5-8-1-A, Shimorenjaku, Mitaka, Tokyuo, 181-0013
Tel 0422-70-6261
Fax 0422-70-6263
Representative Koichi Hirano
Capital 10 million yen
Main bank Tama-shinkin bank, Mitaka-shimorenjaku branch
Business contents Manufacturing and Sales of various Cable glands
Manufacturing and Sales of Metal Flexible Tubes
Agent business of related products above


May 1996 Saftec Co.,Ltd established and registered
August 1997 General catalog is issued
October 1998 Business begins in earnest as sales department of Seftec Denso Co.,Ltd.
June 2003 Demand for the innovative cable glands “S series” grows sharply
(S series=Cylindrical plastic cable glands with spare ring and double compression packing, first type in Japan)
July 2004 Parts (Distribution) center is opened, and adjust the assembly and shipping system
Develop a hydrogen explosion protection cable glands, and enhance the series.
June 2005 Sales network covering all over the country is established. Developed local based sales activitie
July 2006 Expands Ex corresponding cable gland that is based on the explosion-protection guideline of National Institute of Industrial Safety.
January 2007 Undertaken to further strengthen of development and production- department, assemble, quality control department
May 2008 Corresponding expansion of National Institute of Industrial Safety technical guidelines (2006)
October 2009 Produced [RoHS / cadmium-free] corresponding to specified type of customer
April 2010 Develop launch for corresponding to the technical guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute (2008)
February 2011 Consider to accept unification for the explosion test in the technical guidelines of Occupational Safety and Health Research Institute (2008)
November 2012 JNIOSH-TR-No.44 [Factory Explosion-protection Equipment Guide for User] is issued
January 2013 Corresponding product to 【2008Ex】Companies pass acquisition / (SF · GE series) and start to expand sales
December 2014 Three type models of Ex component cable gland are certified to TIIS
August 2015 International harmonization explosion-proof Guideline Ex2015 is notified and starting to expand sales of Ex component cable gland
November 2016 Certified to ISO9001:2015
March 2018 International harmonization explosion-proof Guideline Ex2018 is notified
May 2018 58 type models of Ex component cable gland are certified to TIIS
April 2019 Technical room opened
July 2019 Ex component cable gland and blanking plug are certified to DEKRA
August 2020 Ex component cable gland and blanking plug are certified to NCS